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30 Oct 2015 - Tips For Choosing The Best Carpet

When you decide to have carpets installed in your home, whether you are replacing old ones or switching to carpets, many people find it quite hard to select a carpet that they will love, look great in the room, feel great under your feet, resist stains and last long.  There are various things to look for when choosing a carpet, as you can see when looking at all of the things previously listed and you probably also want the best possible carpet for the lowest price, so here are a few tips to select a carpet that will suit your needs in terms of comfortability, durability and looks.

Tips For Choosing The Best Carpet

The first thing that you need to know is that a carpet is nothing without the padding beneath it.  Skimping on the padding by installing cheap padding will mean that there will be less support for the carpet, which will result in much lower durability.  Choosing the right kind of padding is very important, so pay mind to that before you consider anything else.

There are various styles of carpets, as you may already know, and while you may find yourself staring at a beautiful carpet, a simple touch of it can make you decide on something else, so, before you look for design and/or color, start by choosing the kind of carpet that you want.  A softer carpet is great for rooms, especially kids’ rooms, but a harder carpet may be better suited for living rooms and staircases, since they will get lots of traffic.

It is important to know that price varies greatly from vendor to vendor, meaning that you could get the same carpet for a much lower price at a different store.  In other words, when you have found the perfect carpet, but the price is above your budget, go look for it in another store.  Sales reps may tell you that the comfort of the carpet justifies the price, but you are able to get it at a better price, almost always.

Remember that maintenance is important when it comes to carpets, and this involves cleaning.  Cleaning carpets is not always the loveliest of tasks, but choosing the right kind of carpet will make this much easier for you.  If you have pets, for example, it may be better to go for a more sturdy, harder kind of carpet rather than something fluffy, since this will be harder to clean.

Now you will need to consider color.  If you would like your home to look like a designer home, everything will need to be perfect down to the last detail, so you should consider the fact that the lighting in the store is not the same as the lighting at your home.  Take a palette and home and choose a color that you like, then ask for a sample and look at it.  If it looks good, buy it, if not, look for a different shade.

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