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13 Aug 2015 - Interior Decor Money Saving Tips

All of us love to do a little interior decor work, since we love having beautiful and welcoming homes.  The number one problem that many people face is that, when wanting to redo a room and make it beautiful, or just transform it to something else, is the fact that it is very expensive sometimes.  If you are someone that loves redoing rooms often, you will probably know that spending that amount of money each time is not something that all of us are able to do, and even if you are able to afford it, not all of us want to spend that much money.  The number one fact that will always be true is that people love a bargain, and that is why you will love these tips that will help you save money the next time you redo a room.

Interior Decor Money Saving TipsThe first thing you must focus on is your furniture.  You have probably replaced furniture in your home once or twice, just because you want something new, beautiful and fresh, but furniture is everything but expensive.  Sure, you can shop around and pick up a few beautiful things for good prices, but something that will save you even more money is refurbishing your furniture.  If you refurbish your furniture and you have them sprayed another color, you will not believe the difference it can make.

The next thing that you have to focus on is accents.  Accents can make all of the difference, and the great thing is that they are relatively inexpensive, but you must know that the trick to accents is using them correctly.  Try to not have too many colors, since this will look confusing, and you should also not have too many small accents, since this will make the place look cluttered.  Have a few bright and beautiful accent pieces, and you should be all set.

If you want to transform a room, or even your entire home, and you are not able to spend a lot of money, you should consider shifting your attention toward lighting.  Lighting can make all of the difference in a home, because dark spots make a place look stuffy and small.  Lighting will not cost too much money, and if you use it correctly, the effect it will have will amaze you.  The reason for lighting making such a huge difference is because it makes the place look more open, which means it looks larger and less cluttered.  If used correctly, it can even focus attention to certain areas.

The last thing that you can do to spice up a room or the entire house on a budget is to paint.  Paint makes such a huge difference that it seems surreal, but when the correct colors are used and you are able to achieve a great finish, it will make your place look absolutely amazing.

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