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27 Oct 2015 - How To Brighten Up Your Home

Whether you have just bought an old home or if you have let things go around your house for a while, making it beautiful again is not such a difficult task and you can do all of the things that will make your home look brighter and more beautiful yourself.  If you live with your family, you can make it a family weekend project if you wanted to since that would make it that much more fun.  By the way, if you have just bought an old home, congratulations on becoming a homeowner.

How To Brighten Up Your Home

The first thing that you can do to brighten up your home is to add some fresh paint to it, since that will make a huge difference.  Not just on the inside, but on the outside as well. Choose carefully what color of paint you will use, and also, heed this warning, buying expensive paint in the first place will go a long way, because buying cheap paint and having to paint over it with expensive paint because it does not look as great will mean having to spend more and it will be time consuming and frustrating.

Windows allow light to get into your house, and lighting is a very important thing in any home, but when windows start to look dull, it may be time to update them.  If you need to, replace the glass, but that doesn’t happen often.  The thing you need to focus on is the treatments and accents, such as curtains or blinds and any accents that go along with them.  You could also take away all accents and make sure that the treatments look beautiful, or take away everything and give it a contemporary look.

Flooring makes a huge difference in any room and in the home as a whole, so updating the flooring will make a huge difference.  Keep in mind the look that you want in each individual room, but also keep in mind the maintenance of the flooring that will need to be done.  For example, carpets do not get damage as wood does, but are harder to clean especially when there is fluid involved.  Wood, however, needs to be treated frequently, but carpets need to be replaced more frequently.

Replacing doors and moldings can give any home a lovely look to it, and if you really want to spend a little more, do yourself a favour and get timeless wooden doors rather than the cheap hardboard kind of doors, since they will look amazing.  If you already have beautiful wooden doors but they need a little work, just redo them by treating or painting them.

Lastly, remember that the outside of your home is just as important, so do a little gardening to get your place looking amazing from the outside, and when you are done with all of this, your place will look stunning from the inside out.

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