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27 Oct 2015 - Guest Room Design Ideas

Everyone dreams of having the perfect guest room that looks amazing enough to make an impression that will last a lifetime.  Not all of us get it right, however, because not all of us are good at designing rooms, which is why the following few tips should be quite helpful if you are struggling to get the look you want, or just an amazing look.  There are many things involved in getting a guest room to look absolutely amazing, but the best part about a guest room is the fact  that no one will live in it, which means less clutter and more space to make use of accents without them losing their effect.

Guest Room Design Ideas

The first thing to look at when designing a guest room is, you guessed it, the paint.  If there is nothing in the room yet, great stuff, since this gives you an open canvas to paint the marvelous picture that is your guest room.  Making use of the wrong color paint can kill a guest room ,or any room, no matter how lovely the rest of the things are.  The best you can go for is a bright white or a light toned brown.  These colors look amazing and blend in well with furniture.  There are other colors that look stunning as well, depending on the lighting and so forth, but those are the best two colors.

The next thing you will have to look at is furniture.  Obviously, there will need to be a bed and a closet, and making use of wood is the best way to get a great look.  Normal beds with no wooden frame are fine, but they will never look as great as they would with wooden frames.  Make use of bright white or any shade of brown for your furniture and it will look amazing.  You could also put in a chair and a desk, since that will be great for guests with laptops, but it is not something that you need to do.

The last thing that is important is accents.  The bed needs to have something lovely on it, so make sure to get blankets that will look stunning.  Also, add nice pillows with beautiful covers and something at the foot end to make the bed look cosy.  Continental and accent pillows are not needed and, while they do look amazing, they are thrown off the bed most of the time because they are uncomfortable and in the way.  Any other lovely accents that you can think of, including a magazine stand or bed lamps, should do great, but try to stay in your color scheme, otherwise it will not work.

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