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15 Mar 2016 - Great, Unconventional Uses For Tiles

Tiles look great in bathrooms in kitchens, but there are other uses for tiles that you may not have thought about that actually look amazing. Here we will list a few unconventional uses for tiles that look absolutely amazing, so next time you are tackling a DIY project and renovating a room, you can consider making use of these amazing looking ideas.

Great, Unconventional Uses For Tiles

The first thing that you have probably never considered is making a headboard out of tiles in a bedroom. Sure this may sound a little unconventional but, when looking at the picture, it is hard to disagree with the fact that it looks amazing. The great thing about this is that you can use almost any kind of tile which gives you the freedom of getting something that will fit into your whole look. You will also be glad to hear that this is actually, most of the time, much cheaper than other headboard ideas.

Using tiles to create an island for a dining table in the middle of a wooden floor looks like something you would only see in some of the best designer’s houses. It is something that you can easily create in your home and the fact that it looks amazing, it’s easy to do and the fact that it’s cheap are all great reasons for doing this as soon as possible.

If you have an old coffee table that’s an eyesore, ditch the idea of painting it or throwing it away and rather cover it with tiles. This looks great and it’s cheap, but it may be a little harder to create depending on the kind of coffee table you have. Also keep in mind that this design will not work in all homes and it will not work with all kinds of tiles.

This one is actually less uncommon but you will rarely find it here in South Africa. If you have a built-in stucco bench, consider tiling the seating area. This will look amazing and create a focal point for the area. The best part is that this is so easy and quick to finish that you can do it in an evening.

Shelvings sometimes look awful if you do not have things to fill it with since the backboard may not look too sharp. There is a simple solution: Tile the backboard. This looks great especially if the wall around it is also tiled with different tiles since this will create a focal point and look absolutely amazing.

A patio area can also benefit from tiles. If you tile the floor of the patio area, especially if it is done with hexagonal tiles, it looks amazing. Get the right kind of tiles to suit your look and tile the area to see what a huge difference this can make for your outside look. If you want to do a little more effort, try breaking the color with the same style tiles in different colors. You can do this by placing two or three of the different color tiles side by side at random.

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