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23 Oct 2015 - Different Kinds Of Paint

If you are planning on repainting a room yourself, you have probably brushed up on your painting skills and knowledge beforehand, or you may even be a very good painter, but something that really confuses most people is the choosing of the paint.  When you get to your hardware store and stand in front of all of the paint, you will know how easy it is to feel a little lost.  Choosing the right kind of paint can make the difference between a professional job or needing to have it repainted by the professionals.  Sure, you can ask someone at the store for advice, and they will be able to help you, but it’s best to educate yourself, since they will not know exactly what you want, and they do not how the room that you want to paint looks, and thus what will be best suited for it.

Different Kinds Of Paint

Primer is not considered paint, but you must know what it is since so many painting jobs require you to use primer.  Primer is available in both water based and oil based variations.  When you need to use primer, make sure that you use the same kind as your paint, so if your paint is water based, use a water based primer.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between internal and exterior paint, and you will see that each bucket of paint is labeled appropriately.  Painting with exterior paint inside your home will not have a good outcome, and the same goes for painting outside with interior paint.

When it comes to oil based and water based paints, you may feel a little confused, but understanding the differences is quite simple.  Water based paint dries much quicker than oil based paints, but oil based paints are more durable and have a glossier finish.  Oil based paint is harder to clean than water based paints, so you will have to decide what is more important to you. Whenever you see the term latex used, know that it is used to describe water based paint, and nothing more.

Enamel based paints are very durable and have both gloss and semi-gloss finishes, but it can lose color over time.  Enamel is mostly used around doors, trim and windows, but has other uses as well.

Acrylic paint is a water based paint where the binding agent that is used is acrylic.  Acrylic paint comes forth in many variations, but a good tip to remember is that the shinier the paint, the more imperfections it will show.

Apart from all of these paints, you will also find ones with other properties such as anti mold and so forth.  These paints are created in order to not only cover a surface but also serve another purpose, which means that you will find something that will suit your job perfectly without having to mix loads of things, or having many coats for different properties.

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