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10 Nov 2015 - Black And Red Design Tips

Painting your home or a room in your home can be an exciting task or it can be quite an unforgiving task that will endlessly frustrate you, depending on how surer you are of what you are doing.  There are two colors that look amazing but should be considered carefully because they are usually a little more tricky than other colors – red and black.

Black And Red Design Tips

Black usually looks amazing, especially in kitchens, but if you are considering using black in your color scheme as in by using black cabinets, you should know a few things about it first.  Yes, it is true that black is elegant, stunning and dramatic and it always looks amazing in pictures, but black is a real tough color to keep clean.  Cleaning the surfaces is not particularly harder, but what makes it difficult is that the soap can leave marks and fingerprints show instantly on black and are always a nuisance.  If you are planning on making use of black cabinets, remember that any marks that the cabinets may get, even the smallest of scratch marks, stand out.  Also, black is a very specific color and there are people that may not like it, or may not like all of the upkeep it includes, which may make it a little harder to sell your home.

Red is an amazing color to use in any room.  Red gives off an amazingly romantic feel to a room and it looks quite exquisite, but you should know that painting walls red is less forgiving than many other colors and there are various reasons for this.  Firstly, the shade has to be very specific, because too dark will make the place look like a kind of dungeon, and too light will either look too pink, too bright, or give you the idea that you are trapped inside a tomato.  Also, keep in mind that, if you are not satisfied with the red color, it’s not as easy to paint over as, for instance, white.  You will need at least two coats of paint to make sure that the red does not show through and also a good primer.  Red makes white look pink, yellow look orange and so forth, which is why it is very important that you make use of a tinted primer if you want to paint over it.  Also make sure that you use good quality paint.

The great things about red, however, is that it gives off a unique romantic feeling and it can make a room much more intimate.  If you are choosing red, paint it on a board and be sure to check how it will look in the room at different lighting conditions to be sure that it does not only look great with candle light or just at night.

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