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15 Mar 2016 - 5 Home Repairs Every Homeowner Should DIY

When you go from renting a home to buying one, you will suddenly realize just how much maintenance a house requires, because when you rented, it was your landlord’s problem, but when you buy a house, it’s your problem. Having home maintenance done can become rather expensive, and you can save a lot of money by learning to do the simple things yourself.

5 Home Repairs Every Homeowner Should DIY

The first thing that you would do well to invest a little time in is to learn how to prep a painting job like a pro. Whether you are painting out a single room or the entire house, exterior and interior, you will notice that it is not so much the painting the wall that makes all the difference, but rather the preparation before painting that really makes a difference. Even with something as simple as filling and painting over a hole in the wall, like where a nail was, you will see that, without good preparation, the outcome will not look good. The paint on your walls is the key to a long life for them and, when used well, the paint on your walls will look amazing and, in some cases, boost the value of your home.

Doors are the things in your home that you rarely ever give attention to, but they also need a little maintenance from time to time and it is so simple that anyone should know how to do it themselves. When doors start to squeak when you open and close them, the problem is usually with the hinges.  You can just oil them a little and they should be good. If your door is sticking, then you should know that doors swell in humid weather and the best way you can resolve this is to plane the door.

One of the most simple things that homeowners never like doing is applying silicone. Silicone is the thing that makes sure that water stays where it should be and doesn’t get into places it shouldn’t. There will be silicone between your sink and your wall, between your tub and your wall and so forth. Applying it is relatively easy, so you should learn how to do that and do it yourself.

Faucets will leak at some point in time. This is because the thing that is used to ensure that it does not leak, the washer, is something that will disintegrate over time. It is better to design something that has a part that will need replacing over time than designing something that will need to be replaced entirely over time. Replacing the washer of a faucet is simple.

Lastly, unclogging a toilet is something that everyone, not just every homeowner, should be able to do. It can happen to anyone and it is quite embarrassing to have to ask someone else to help you unclog the toilet after you have used it. There are multiple tools for unclogging a toilet and you can make a makeshift one with some wire, so learn how to do this.

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