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High Pressure Cleaning

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High Pressure Cleaning

Before we do any painting work on any surface, we clean it. It is a standard procedure in our preparation. When we are painting outside, we use a high pressure cleaner to clean the surface. We are also, however, fully equipped to perform high pressure cleaning jobs on a stand-alone basis, on a variety of surfaces outside buildings.

A high pressure cleaner is an extremely effective cleaner because of the high pressure. The pressure is created by a motor feeding water from a tap at a high speed into a nozzle with a small outlet. There are two kinds of nozzles that occur commonly and are used most, since they are the most effective nozzles. The nozzles are very important as they determine the area that is covered as well as the amount of pressure.

The first kind of nozzle is adjustable in two ways. You can adjust it to direct flow that will allow one small beam of water to flow through. This is very effective since it allows maximum pressure and you have maximum accuracy. Accuracy, however, is not always a good thing in this situation. You can also adjust it to let a horizontal line of water flow through. The great thing about this is that it covers a large area, which allows for quick cleaning. The problem is that there is a lot of pressure lost due to the larger area being covered.

The second type of nozzle is designed to allow even more pressure than the direct flow while still having a large area covered. This is achieved by a mechanism in the tip of the nozzle that has a small iron ball in it that circles within the nozzle. This allows the water to flow out in a circular motion, which covers a large area. Since the ball is an obstruction, the motor will work slightly harder to allow the water to flow to the nozzle at a constant speed, which then creates a higher pressure because the outlet is slightly smaller, due to the iron ball being an obstruction. This design is pure genius and is the most effective way to clean, since it will remove tough dirt as well as cover a large area. This nozzle cannot be adjusted, though.

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